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Welcome to Luxe Salon Suites a community of talented beauty professionals that own and operate their own independent salons under one roof. Our goal is to provide some of the most talented and educated stylist's in our area to meet all of your beauty needs! 

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The Beauty Crew for You




Owner and Stylist of Luxe Salon and Luxe Salon Suites.
Creating Art with hair for the last 10 years, I have come to find my true passion!
It's true... you never work a day of your life, when you love what you do! 
I strive to provide my clients the best I can by continually furthering my education, to stay on top of the newest and fashionable trends in our industry!
I have a passion for helping others, educating and watching others grow!
Specializing in Balayage, Blonding, and Demensional and Specialty Color!

My motivation:
"One day.....I want people to look back and say, "because of you, I didn't give up!"




Hi!! My name is Jennifer Christensen. I’m a lover of travel, people and all things design. As well as one part of a duo that make up Studio Noir.
|Natural| |Original| |Integrity| |Radiance|
It’s what we stand for and at the core of who we are + what our work is. 
After over a decade of enhancing my clients beauty I decided to take my training, knowledge and determination into business for myself. This industry will give you anything you can fit in your heart and I’ve learned to take full advantage of learning from others around me. There’s so much at my fingertips and want to share that knowledge with you. 
I believe a great consultation is key and in it forms trust, relationship and honesty. I want to get to know you so I can best accommodate to your vision of what you’d like to see in the mirror. So expect me to ask quite a few questions. Ha! I want you to sit in my chair and feel comfortable and confident that we have the same goal in mind. 

  I specialize in natural, lived in hi-lighting + Balayage, Bridal, tape in extensions and hard water issues (that most people may not even know they have).

I look forward to meeting you + forming a wonderful team together!




As a hairstylist for the last 5+ years, I have spent countless hours learning, studying, and educating myself in every aspect of this industry. From discovering my passion for color, to refining my talent in lash extensions, all the way to working behind the scenes on photoshoots and bridal shows; I truly have fallen in love with this craft.
My passion for this was discovered early on when I was a child, completely entranced by all things beauty. I specifically remember it starting with a mildly unhealthy obsession with makeup, that grew into me sitting in the library burying my head in cosmetology books for hours. It was never a question as to what I wanted to do when I grew up, it just felt right. I graduated highschool at the age of 17 and started cosmetology school a month later. Upon graduating from the cosmetology program, I spent nearly five years in a salon learning and soaking up every ounce of education that I could from some of the highly skilled individuals who mentored me throughout my time there.
Studio Noir is an acronym for what I believe in as a stylist, and as a person. NOIR: Natural/ Original/ Integrity/ Radiance:  authentic, genuine, to be as you are, and come as you are, staying true to who you are; to cultivate the courage to be imperfect, and vulnerable. This resonates in the relationships I have had the opportunity to create not only with my clients, but through this industry, along with what I want you to feel during your time in my chair.
Behind the chair, I absolutely love all things color, specifically blondes. I have a passion for creating looks that extend from “natural, lived-in, dimensional colors,” all the way to “gorgeous, bright blondes” through foiling and balayage techniques, accompanied by a refined cut to bring the entire look together. It’s such a specialized service because each head of hair is just as unique as your lifestyle. Whether you love being a bright, icy blonde, or enjoy having a low-maintenance color that grows out flawlessly, I would be thrilled to create it for you. Utilizing my creativity, along with my perfectionist nature, will allow me to focus my attention to every detail during your appointment. I want to keep your hair as healthy as possible in the process, because healthy hair reflects your color to its highest potential. 
As your hairstylist, I will always strive to develop and perfect my techniques, as this profession is an ever-changing industry. This will also allow me to constantly grow and expand my knowledge, because there are always new trends on the horizon. A goal of mine as a stylist is to always be growing, learning, and improving. My commitment to you is to offer an authentic experience where you feel confident through thorough consultation in the services I provide to you, as well as having the knowledge to properly care for your hair. Feel free to reach out or schedule a consultation with me! I post all of my work on my instagram account, where a link to book will be provided: @Maddirose.StudioNoir
I look forward to working with you!



Owner/stylist Salon Rejuvenate

I have had the pleasure of creating behind the chair for over 20 years. I specialize in working with my guests in creating a haircut and color that best suits their hair texture and lifestyle.I am also certified in Keratin treatments for guest looking to smooth and control their hair texture, as well as accelerating drying time.I am happily accepting new guests and I look forward to meeting you.




HelloI’m Kimberly (HAIR BY KIMBERLY), I graduated from The Salon ProfessionalAcademy in 2006 ahead of my class. Immediately following I began my career inthe hair, makeup and fashion industry. I have always been passionate about therole fashion plays in improving someone's self-confidence and the way they feelabout themselves. With the ever-changing styles and trends; I’m constantly expandingmy knowledge of the industry. Education is the key to success and is crucial! So,I seize every opportunity I can to build on my skills, techniques andexperimenting. I have had extensive training and specialize in colorcorrections and specialty colors such as balayage, color melting, dimensionalcolor, shadow roots, highlights & lowlights, different foiling placements andcustomized color. I want to continue to grow and excel.

Afew of my goals are helping my clients to achieve the perfect look and vision thatthey have for themselves and really understanding what they want. Creating aplan at the time of the consultation, making them feel comfortable and providethem with the best service. I believe Honesty, Creativity, Patience and Being Passionateabout our industry is the key to create a beautiful end result. I enhance my client’snatural beauty! The most rewarding part of my career is seeing my clients smileon their face after they see their new look. Being a Hairstylist has alwaysbeen a true passion of mine and take a lot of pride in my work.

    In my free time I love hanging out with mysignificant other, Ruger (My Handsome German Shepard), family and all my niecesand nephews. I also love traveling the world, boating, golfing and beingoutdoors.


Please Call 920.370.8558 to book your appointment orconsultation. I’m accepting new clients! I Look forward to meeting you!

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